What do Scrap Car Removal Services do?

Hey vehicle owners! Ever wonder what a scrap wrecker service is? Well, we can answer that for you. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need a scrap car pick up. We’re the people who come to your property and take away your old vehicle cluttering up your driveway or yard. You might be wondering how this works, though, so let’s get started by explaining it in more detail. We’ll help you understand their process from start to finish, so you know what they do before hiring them to remove yours!

What car parts of your junk car are worth reselling?

Catalytic converters

Catalytic converters contain a lot of precious metals, making them very valuable. People are starting to realize just how in-demand they have become, and some catalytic converter thieves even steal it directly from your car! Junkyards can sell them between 100 $ to 1 000 $ or more per unit.

Car Engine

A reseller can sell an entire car engine in working condition for a couple of hundred dollars of profit. Although you could hire a car mechanic to take out your car engine, you might shave your profits off just with that procedure.

Exhaust system

The entire exhaust system controls and reduces the toxic fumes produced by combustion. The whole system can be quite valuable if it includes the catalytic converter and its working condition. It’s one of those parts usually in high demand.

Tires and rims

Have you bought and changed your rims and tires? You know how expensive they can get. 

Undamaged giant aluminum rims can be a goldmine for resellers. Since it’s in high demand and an easy part to disassemble, the profit margins are high. 

Small parts and electrical

Everything in working order can be sold, from your car stereo to your GPS, airbags, doors, windows, mirrors, lights and battery. For every good part, you could get between 20 $ and a couple of hundred dollars.

Selling the scrap 

Scrap yards and wrecking companies sell the used parts to other more specialized scrap yards or wholesalers with ease. Profit margins are more significant if you have a reasonable volume, making it attractive to build a whole business around it. Reselling companies that pay the best rates don’t usually do business with the individual consumer and stick with professional wreckers and scrap yards. That’s why it’s often a better option to go around your local scrap yards and ask for a price. 

Why would someone want to sell their scrap car for cash instead of scrapping it themselves?

First of all, it’s not just about the money, and it’s about your time and effort. Do you know what a catalytic converter is, where to find it, how to disassemble it from the exhaust system, how to evaluate it and where to sell it? How about every other part of your car? 

Removing all the parts from a car before selling them is work-intensive. If you don’t have any specific buyers in mind, it can be more profitable to just run down to your local junkyard. Otherwise, you’ll need to make sure that everything’s organized and stored correctly.

If you’re looking to scrap your car and it’s your first time, or you’re only doing it once, it’s best to call a professional to take it off your hands. You leave with cash, and they take your useless junk.

Should you sell your car or leave it to a scrap car company?

Selling your old car “As-is” is your most lucrative option, but it is hard work and might take time. You have to deal with advertising, and you might not get what your car is worth after all.

At least call a junkyard to get your minimum exit price. 

If you’re still holding on to it after a month, call them back to pick it up. It’s no fun looking at your old car sitting in your yard. There are many better things to do than not making money from selling cars on Craigslist, like going out with friends, playing video games, or learning how to cook a Thai curry.

Keep in mind that your local wrecker will come by, give you cash for your vehicle. He will tow away the whole thing and take it apart at his scrapyard to resell the parts. This virtuous recycling cycle creates new products that benefit society; such aluminum cans turned into soda cans, again and again, so we don’t run out of resources on Earth.

To find out if your car is worth anything, call us today!

We would be happy to give you a free quote on your vehicle. Although we don’t pay cash for all cars (because some of them are just really a big piece of useless stationery metal), we pay hefty fees for some. We are not the only scrap car company in Prince George, but we might offer the best price around.

Looking for a Scrap Car Removal in Prince George?

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Frequently asked questions

How to tell if your junk car is worth anything?

Your scrap car value is the amount your wrecker will pay to take it away. They usually strip and sell all of its parts for a profit, so as long as they’re still in decent condition (engine, tires, electronics), you get paid!

Your old clunker may be worth some real cash if you give up on it!

What should I remove from my car before I scrap it?

To prepare your car for scrapping, remove your license plate, prepare the paperwork and gather your personal belongings. Don’t forget to cancel your car insurance and shop around your local junkyards for the best quote.

How much money do scrap car removal companies make?

Scrap car companies can make between a couple of hundred dollars, up to a couple of thousands. It depends mainly on the electrical parts, car engine, exhaust system, tires and rims.