Mountain Roads Towing Services

Mountain Road Towing Services in Prince George and Surrounding Areas

If you don’t live in the mountains, you might not be familiar with mountain towing services. Our team of specialists has experience with this type of towing and will be able to help you get where you need to go, no matter what you’re doing out in nature.

From semi-trucks that get stranded or off route due to a faulty GPS route to passenger cars, trucks, and even RVs, we can provide the tow that you need when you’re struggling to make it in and around the mountains of the region.

Safety Tips for Driving on Mountain Roads

We want to make sure that everyone is safe out on the roads, and even though we’re available to help with mountain towing solutions, we’d prefer it if you didn’t have to call us because you made it safely in the first place. If you’re heading out into the mountains for the first time or with limited experience, here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

‣ Check your brakes before you hit the road. Steep and often unpaved mountain roads are the last place where you want your brakes to fail.

‣ Take it easy when going uphill, and especially on dirt or soft surfaces. A lot of people get stuck by trying to put too much power into their climb and digging their vehicle into a hole.

‣ Use low gears when going downhill, and especially if you have a larger vehicle or are towing another vehicle or trailer.

‣ Do NOT ride your brakes when going downhill. This is going to cause them to overheat and could lead to lock-ups or other dangerous situations.

‣ Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles or obstructions, and make sure that you are looking out ahead to plan an escape route in case something goes wrong.

Professional Towing Solutions on Call 24/7

Of course, no amount of safety can guarantee that you’ll never be in need of mountain towing assistance. That’s why our team is on standby 24 hours a day, offering all kinds of towing solutions and roadside services in the mountain roads of the region.

We can provide basic towing and recovery assistance, flatbed tows, flat repair, jump starts, lockout services, and so much more in addition to helping you get up, down, or out of the mountains. Call us to learn more or request service now.