Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance in Prince George, BC

In addition to regular Prince George tow truck services, we offer a full range of roadside services and assistance for both passenger and commercial vehicles and clients. After all, we know how frustrating it can be to find yourself stranded on the side of the road in a downpour or freezing temperatures. Even on a gorgeous day, no one wants to end up breaking down, running out of gas, or getting a flat tire on the highway.

Unfortunately, it still happens, and all too often.

That's why our team is always ready and available to help with roadside assistance solutions for all passenger and commercial vehicles, including everything from basic jump starts and fuel delivery to things like voltage testing for battery issues, diagnostic inspections (when safe to perform), lockouts and rekeying, and so much more.


Prince George Roadside Services are Available 24/7

Whether you break down in the middle of the day or find yourself with a flat in the dead of night, professionals are on call to help with whatever you need, offering a fleet of well-equipped trucks, along with plenty of tools and equipment to handle of the different needs that you may have. If you're not fortunate enough to have roadside coverage on your car insurance cover, call our techs right away for anything that you need.

How Do I Know if I Already Have Roadside Coverage?

We get calls from a number of people who aren't sure whether they need our services or if they may already have coverage. Some insurance companies and third-party services to do offer roadside plans to drivers that can be purchased separately or added onto a policy. The best option is to call your insurance provider first to see if you have this coverage. If not, or if the coverage doesn't include whatever services you need, we'll take care of you.

Affordable, Dependable Roadside Assistance and More

We can help you with any of your roadside needs and even discuss the potential to set up an ongoing contract for roadside coverage, giving you the peace of mind that you need out on the road. Our professional, experienced technicians are ready and waiting to help with anything that you need. Call us now for:

‣ Fuel delivery
‣ Flat repair/replacement
‣ Engine diagnostics and voltage testing
‣ Lockouts
‣ Jump starts
‣ Other breakdown assistance

We've got a team that will respond quickly and help you get back on the road, or safely to your destination one way or another.

Vehicle lockout

Lockout and Door Lock Service: Our Team is Your Key to Quick Assistance

Being locked out or having door lock issues is a stressful experience for anyone. That's why we offer 24h door lock services around Prince George.

Different Door Lock Services

Almost everyone has been locked out of their car at one point or another.

Some of the most common issues that we handle include:

‣ Lost Keys: Some people just plain can't find their keys, and that's not uncommon. If your keys are really that lost, it may be easier to call a locksmith for rekeying or lockout assistance.

‣ Broken Keys: There are instances when keys or locks are old and worn that the key could break off in the door lock or ignition, rendering you helpless to get the key removed and unable to do much else without a set of spare keys.

‣ Keys Locked in Car: By far, this is perhaps the most frequent emergency call that our specialists receive. People get distracted and accidents happen, and often that results in keys that are locked in the trunk or the cab of the vehicle.

‣ Electronic Lock Failure: Modern cars have a lot more electronics in their locks, and when those fail, even a working key might not do the trick. Our team of specialists can assist with electronic lock issues, too.

We take care of all your lockout needs

No matter what type of vehicle lockout service you require, our team has the tools and skills to get the job done right, from basic needs to full rekeys and beyond. Rekeying locks is done when the key has been lost and a new key needs to be made.

Not only is this quicker and more convenient in an emergency situation, but it is much cheaper than fully replacing locks and keys. Especially with the modern technology built into locks today, the price of a full replacement can get a little excessive in many cases.

We can even help with rekeying or lock repair as a result of attempted vehicle theft. The tools criminals use can damage your ignition and locks extensively, and electronics can be disabled, but our team can undo the damage and get your car back in safe, working condition with quality, secure lock and rekeying solutions.

You may not need a full towing in Prince George. Call our team today and see if we can help with rekeying or other lockout solutions that will get the job done quickly and get you back into your vehicle and on the road without spending a small fortune. We're ready to help you with any lock issues, no matter how big or small, so contact us now.

Jump Start

Jump Start Services: Don’t Let Dead Batteries Get You Down

Of all the frustrating ways to break down, a dead battery is perhaps one of the worst. Whether you’ve left lights on, just have an old battery that needs replaced, or are dealing with alternator or other power-related issues, ending up on the side of the road or stranded anywhere with a dead battery can be a nightmare. That's why we offer 24h jump start services around Prince George.

Since batteries never die in a convenient place, our team is on call to help with anything that you need.

Call us for 24-hour battery and jump start services, including:

‣ Slow-start or no-start diagnostics and assistance
‣ Voltage testing of the battery and the rest of the electrical system
‣ Delivery and installation of new batteries at any location
‣ Towing and other roadside assistance in case it’s more than a dead battery

Why Isn’t My Car Starting?

There are any number of issues that you could be facing with your vehicle and its battery or electrical system that result in a no-start or slow-start situation.

If you find yourself struggling to get power, make sure that you turn off any accessories and unnecessary sources of power in the vehicle so that all the power can go to starting the car. If that still doesn’t work, call us and we’ll come help you solve your battery problems once and for all.

Our technicians can help with a variety of problems. If your vehicle won’t crank or turn over, or if it will start but keeps shutting down, you are going to need assistance. Maybe you have a vehicle that hasn’t been driven in a long time that is struggling to start or you have a battery that has eroded or leaked and needs to be replaced.

No matter what kind of issues you’re having, we’ll be able to help. We’ll diagnose the problem and help get you back on the road, or get you towed home safely if more extensive repairs are needed to resolve the power issue.

Affordable Jump Start Service in Prince George, BC

Our team of technicians provides an array of jump start services and other roadside assistance throughout the greater Prince George area, offering quality, reputable service on every job and rates that won’t break the bank.

If you’re having battery issues on the side of the road or even just in your garage, call our team today and find out how we can help you get that battery fixed and get you back on the road sooner than later.